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For Optimal Nutrition, Read The Label & Avoid “THE 7”

Filed in Articles, Food, General, Nutrition, Uncategorized by on 10/31/2012 Comments • views: 1344

Are you looking to improve nutrition, but don’t know where to start? Have you purchased foods that appear to be healthy, but you continue to gain weight? Do you use various Abs exercise machines and yet your Abs remain hidden? Start reading nutrition labels and avoid “THE 7”. “THE 7” are six food or beverage […]


How to Prepare for a Good Night’s Sleep views: 365

High quality, uninterrupted sleep (preferably seven to eight hours) plays a critical role in losing weight, attaining optimal health and getting the body of your dreams. High quality sleep promotes: Appetite control Energy improvement Stress reduction Maximum production of growth hormone for calorie-burning muscle A willingness to exercise To consistently get high quality sleep, you […]

SL Life Lessons: Focus on Execution, Not Outcome views: 261

In last year’s Super Bowl I watched in amazement as Tom Brady led the Patriots to a historic come from behind victory. The Patriots were behind a couple of touchdowns early in the game and the Falcons had momentum. The chances of the Patriots winning seemed virtually impossible. However, Tom Brady and his teammates never […]

Bosu Toss & Catch views: 376

Want to tone your legs and glutes, develop your arms, sculpt six-pack abs and strengthen your core? Try the Bosu Toss & Catch. Here’s how you do the exercise: Stand on the domed side of a Bosu ball with feet with in shoulders width and abs contracted. Lower your body until your knees are at […]

SL Life Lessons: Measure Your Productivity by How Much Seed You Sow views: 615

A farmer who sows seeds often times has to wait days, weeks, months or even years before reaping a harvest. Given the time it takes for seeds to produce a harvest, the farmer doesn’t measure his/her productivity by “immediate” results. The farmer measures his/her productivity by how much seed he/she sows. It’s only by the […]

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