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Quick Guide To Body Under Construction

Quick Guide To Body Under Construction

Filed in Food, General, Nutrition, Uncategorized by on 01/10/2013 Comments • views: 985

If you’ve purchased the paperback or eBook of Body Under Construction, here is a helpful quick guide. What, When and How to Eat: Preface to Chapter 2 — pay  particular attention to “Read The Label and Avoid The 7” on pp. 4-5 and “BUC Art of Eating”  bullet points on pp. 19-21. Review the BUC Art of Eating once per week […]


How to Prepare for a Good Night’s Sleep views: 63

High quality, uninterrupted sleep (preferably seven to eight hours) plays a critical role in losing weight, attaining optimal health and getting the body of your dreams. High quality sleep promotes: Appetite control Energy improvement Stress reduction Maximum production of growth hormone for calorie-burning muscle A willingness to exercise To consistently get high quality sleep, you […]

Bosu Toss & Catch views: 175

Want to tone your legs and glutes, develop your arms, sculpt six-pack abs and strengthen your core? Try the Bosu Toss & Catch. Here’s how you do the exercise: Stand on the domed side of a Bosu ball with feet with in shoulders width and abs contracted. Lower your body until your knees are at […]

SL Life Lessons: Measure Your Productivity by How Much Seed You Sow views: 178

A farmer who sows seeds often times has to wait days, weeks, months or even years before reaping a harvest. Given the time it takes for seeds to produce a harvest, the farmer doesn’t measure his/her productivity by “immediate” results. The farmer measures his/her productivity by how much seed he/she sows. It’s only by the […]

SL Life Lessons: Under Construction views: 250

There are times, following a difficult work day, that I walk through the magnificent city of Chicago to give my mind and body the opportunity to decompress. During one particular stroll, I came across an empty lot surrounded by a fence. On the fence hung a huge sign that contained bold, black letters that read […]

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