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SL Life Lessons: “Don’t Face the Facts”

SL Life Lessons: “Don’t Face the Facts”

Filed in Inspiration by on 10/02/2016 Comments • views: 262

“Face the facts.” Has anyone ever told you that as you were attempting to accomplish a seemingly impossible task? Have you ever thought to yourself ‘Face the Facts’ as you considered pursuing a difficult goal or doing something out of the ordinary? “Face the Facts” is a phrase that is an absolute dream killer. It […]


Light Snack for Better Sleep views: 235

Looking to get better sleep? Try a small, light snack before bed. Here are a few great-tasting, sleep-inducing bedtime snacks: Warm Milk Banana Low Fat Yogurt Pumpkin Seeds Tart Cherry Juice Have the bedtime snack at least 1-hr before. Keep the snack small and light, as consuming large, heavy snacks requires more energy for digestion […]

Pull-Up Knee-Raise views: 514

Want a body-toning, calorie-burning exercise that will sculpt your upper body? Try the Pull-Up Knee-Raise. The Pull-Up Knee-Raise provides many fitness benefits including: Sculpts back muscles Strengthens arms Tones abs Here’s how you do a the Pull-Up Knee-Raise: Position your hands on the chin-up bar slightly wider than shoulders width, your palms facing away from […]

SL Life Lessons: Don’t Focus on the Mountain views: 442

I’ve competitively climbed the stairs of some of the tallest towers in the U.S. After finishing a 102-flight Freedom Tower stair climb in 20 minutes, a young lady noticing my results said “Wow…you did that in great time! Can I ask you a question?” “Sure.” I replied. ” So, what’s your secret?” She asked. She […]

Go Nuts! views: 431

Looking for a healthy hunger-quenching snack? Go nuts! Nuts pack a powerful, nutritious punch. Here are just a few of the benefits: Fiber– great source of fiber to assist with satiety. “Good” Fats– good source of unsaturated (“good”) fats. Omega 3– nuts are a solid source of heart-healthy Omega 3. Fights Alzheimer’s– a recent study […]

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