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Life’s Lessons: Live In The Impossible

Life’s Lessons: Live In The Impossible

Filed in Inspiration by on 04/28/2015 Comments • views: 86

Many years ago my mother, Sodonia Luckie, set out on a seemingly impossible quest. To pursue my sister’s dream of meeting her teen idols, Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. Before heading on this journey, my mother knew she’d face many obstacles including: ▪ No address- she did not possess the home address of Michael […]


Want to Tone Your Bottom Without Weights? Try Body Weight Squats views: 402

Want to tone your bottom ( glutes) and legs without using weights? Try body weight squats. No weights, equipment or gym required. Here are a few benefits of body weight squats: ▪ Tones glutes ▪ Builds leg muscles ▪ Burns calories- Muscle burns calories. Leg muscles are the largest of the body and have the […]

Is Your Kitchen In-Shape? views: 439

There is an old nutrition adage, “ if a food is in your possession or located in your residence, you will eventually eat it.” Many of us eat unhealthy foods because they are ever present in our kitchens. One way to reduce the risk of eating unhealthy foods is to whip your kitchen into shape […]

A Circuit Workout: 6 Reasons To Try It! views: 269

During a book signing, a woman asked “ Do you workout everyday?” “No.” I responded. “As a father of two young boys and grandfather of one girl, I don’t have the time to work out everyday. I only workout three times per week. I do circuits.” A circuit consists of two or more exercises done […]

Interval Training, The Ultimate Plateau Buster views: 336

Are you exercising but not losing weight or getting the tone muscles you desire? Does it seem like you can’t get the body you want despite how long you workout? You may have reached a fitness plateau. Your body has become accustomed to an exercise making the exercise ineffective. A solution to breaking through a […]

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