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Pull-Up Knee-Raise

Pull-Up Knee-Raise

Filed in Fitness by on 08/27/2016 Comments • views: 193

Want a body-toning, calorie-burning exercise that will sculpt your upper body? Try the Pull-Up Knee-Raise. The Pull-Up Knee-Raise provides many fitness benefits including: Sculpts back muscles Strengthens arms Tones abs Here’s how you do a the Pull-Up Knee-Raise: Position your hands on the chin-up bar slightly wider than shoulders width, your palms facing away from […]


SL Life Lessons: Choose Discipline to Avoid Being Disciplined views: 221

My son returned from school with a rejected expression. “What’s wrong, buddy?” I asked. Without saying a word, he placed what appeared to be a math test on the table. The math questions contained red “X”s and at the top of the page was a bright red “C-“. This grade was certain to bring his […]

Stairway to Wellness Heaven views: 276

I recently had the honor of participating in the Tunnels to Tower Tower Climb at the Freedom Tower in New York City. The climb honored Capt. Billy Burke and Stephen Siller, true “Super Heroes” who sacrificed their lives on 9/11. I climbed 102 flights, 2,226 stairs in 20 minutes, 2 seconds. Stair climbing is an […]

SL Life Lessons: Worst Things, New Beginnings views: 205

2009 would begin the most challenging years of my life. Like millions of other Americans suffering through the “Great Recession”, I was laid off from my job of 13 years, the value of my home would decline precipitously and despite my many efforts it was extremely difficult to find a job in a market devoid […]

The Hourglass Physique views: 386

Fellas, looking to get rid of the excess weight along the waist? Ladies, you want that hourglass shape? Try the Bosu Oblique crunch. The Bosu Oblique crunch provides many fitness benefits including: Tones waist, abs and oblique muscles (those along the sides of the upper torso) Strengthens core (abs and lower back area) Here’s how […]

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