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The Hourglass Physique

The Hourglass Physique

Filed in Fitness by on 04/17/2016 Comments • views: 115

Fellas, looking to get rid of the excess weight along the waist? Ladies, you want that hourglass shape? Try the Bosu Oblique crunch. The Bosu Oblique crunch provides many fitness benefits including: Tones waist, abs and oblique muscles (those along the sides of the upper torso) Strengthens core (abs and lower back area) Here’s how […]


Push Ups, the Exercise That’s Stood the Test of Time views: 211

Many fad exercises have come and gone. But there is one that has stood the test of time. The push-up. Push-ups provide many fitness benefits including: Tones arms, chest and upper body Strengthens core (abs and lower back area) Here’s how you do a push up: Place palms on the floor at shoulders width. Extend […]

SL Life Lessons: Faith Uninterrupted by Time views: 247

  When a farmer plants seeds, the farmer’s act of planting is evidence of his or her faith that the seeds will produce a crop. The seeds planted don’t produce crop overnight. Some crop takes years to produce. In spite of the amount of time, the farmer will continue to nurture what he has planted […]

Sleep Preparation views: 274

Getting 7-8 hours of high quality sleep is an integral part of optimal health. A good night’s sleep provides the following health benefits: Appetite control Energy improvement Stress reduction Production of growth hormone for calorie-burning muscle Optimal performance during exercise Sleep preparation plays a critical role in getting good shut-eye. To determine your sleep preparation […]

Get a Six-Pack Without Moving views: 448

Looking for an exercise that can assist in unveiling your six-pack, without moving? Try the Plank! Benefits of the plank include: Tones abs and shoulder muscles. Strengthens core (abs and lower back area). Here’s how to perform the plank: Get into a push-up position. Rest on forearms with arms positioned at shoulders width. Contract your […]

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