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Wild Sockeye Salmon

Wild Sockeye Salmon

Filed in Food, Nutrition by on 09/30/2015 Comments • views: 41

Looking for a great tasting, healthy meat? Try Wild Sockeye Salmon. Here are just a few of the health benefits: Great source of protein for satiety and muscle growth/repair Good source of heart healthy unsaturated (“good”) fats Solid source of Omega 3 Good source of Vitamin D How to prepare: Grill or bake a 4-7 […]


Life’s Lessons: It’s Never Too Late views: 163

The “Great Recession” has caused many of us to experience life-changing disruption of our careers and finances. If that wasn’t bad enough, the “new normal” economic environment has occurred as we have entered our 40s, 50s and 60s. A time when most of us had strategies in place for retirement, saving for our children’s college […]

Sloan Featured in June Issue of Flex and Muscle & Fitness Magazine views: 164

The June 2015 issue of Flex and Muscle & Fitness magazine featured Sloan, highlighting his perspective on fitness as an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition.

Hanging Leg Raises views: 242

Are you looking to unveil your six pack abs and strengthen your core? Try Hanging Leg Raises! Here are just a few of the benefits: ▪ Tones abs- especially the lower ab area. ▪ Builds core- the lower back and ab area. Building core will improve overall balance. ▪ Burns calories- Enough said! HOW TO […]

Life’s Lessons: Lessons From The Ant views: 221

The ant. Arguably the most harmless, unassuming, non- threatening bug many of us have encountered. Yet there are lessons we can learn from this tiny creature. Have you ever seen how an ant responds to an obstacle in its path? Despite the size of the obstacle, some of which are much larger than the ant, it will […]

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