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Go Nuts!

Go Nuts!

Filed in Nutrition by on 06/26/2016 Comments • views: 192

Looking for a healthy hunger-quenching snack? Go nuts! Nuts pack a powerful, nutritious punch. Here are just a few of the benefits: Fiber– great source of fiber to assist with satiety. “Good” Fats– good source of unsaturated (“good”) fats. Omega 3– nuts are a solid source of heart-healthy Omega 3. Fights Alzheimer’s– a recent study […]


SL Life Lessons: Worst Things, New Beginnings views: 165

2009 would begin the most challenging years of my life. Like millions of other Americans suffering through the “Great Recession”, I was laid off from my job of 13 years, the value of my home would decline precipitously and despite my many efforts it was extremely difficult to find a job in a market devoid […]

The Hourglass Physique views: 340

Fellas, looking to get rid of the excess weight along the waist? Ladies, you want that hourglass shape? Try the Bosu Oblique crunch. The Bosu Oblique crunch provides many fitness benefits including: Tones waist, abs and oblique muscles (those along the sides of the upper torso) Strengthens core (abs and lower back area) Here’s how […]

SL Life Lessons: Lemons to Lemonade views: 797

‘…You have prostate cancer…’ Initially I was shocked by the news from the doctor. Then I thought to myself ‘…well, Sloan, you did everything humanly possible to take care of your body; exercise, healthy nutrition and sleep…’ Suddenly a feeling of peace would come over me like a warm comforter on a cold winter night. […]

SL Life Lessons: Focus on the Unseen views: 360

When I train a woman or man to attain their weight goals, they’re often shocked when I instruct them not to look at their bodies in the mirror or weigh themselves on a daily basis. Focusing on what they currently see in the mirror or numbers on a scale can result in discouragement and ultimately […]

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