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SL Life Lessons: “Don’t Face the Facts”

SL Life Lessons: “Don’t Face the Facts”

Filed in Inspiration by on 10/02/2016 Comments • views: 71

“Face the facts.” Has anyone ever told you that as you were attempting to accomplish a seemingly impossible task? Have you ever thought to yourself ‘Face the Facts’ as you considered pursuing a difficult goal or doing something out of the ordinary? “Face the Facts” is a phrase that is an absolute dream killer. It […]


Light Snack for Better Sleep views: 82

Looking to get better sleep? Try a small, light snack before bed. Here are a few great-tasting, sleep-inducing bedtime snacks: Warm Milk Banana Low Fat Yogurt Pumpkin Seeds Tart Cherry Juice Have the bedtime snack at least 1-hr before. Keep the snack small and light, as consuming large, heavy snacks requires more energy for digestion […]

Go Nuts! views: 288

Looking for a healthy hunger-quenching snack? Go nuts! Nuts pack a powerful, nutritious punch. Here are just a few of the benefits: Fiber– great source of fiber to assist with satiety. “Good” Fats– good source of unsaturated (“good”) fats. Omega 3– nuts are a solid source of heart-healthy Omega 3. Fights Alzheimer’s– a recent study […]

SL Life Lessons: Choose Discipline to Avoid Being Disciplined views: 269

My son returned from school with a rejected expression. “What’s wrong, buddy?” I asked. Without saying a word, he placed what appeared to be a math test on the table. The math questions contained red “X”s and at the top of the page was a bright red “C-“. This grade was certain to bring his […]

Stairway to Wellness Heaven views: 316

I recently had the honor of participating in the Tunnels to Tower Tower Climb at the Freedom Tower in New York City. The climb honored Capt. Billy Burke and Stephen Siller, true “Super Heroes” who sacrificed their lives on 9/11. I climbed 102 flights, 2,226 stairs in 20 minutes, 2 seconds. Stair climbing is an […]

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