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Life’s Lessons: “Try Just One More Time.”

Life’s Lessons: “Try Just One More Time.”

Filed in Inspiration by on 05/25/2015 Comments • views: 166

It was 1990. I’d spent the last two years working at KPMG after graduating from the University of Hartford with honors in accounting. One of my primary career objectives was to attain my CPA. The CPA exam was one of the most grueling exams on the planet. Two and a half days of testing ones […]


Chill out with Chili views: 201

Looking for a great tasting easy-to-make nutritious meal? Prepare a hot bowl of chili. Chili is a great source of: ▪ Protein ▪ Fiber ▪ Iron ▪ Antioxidants Here is how to prepare a great tasting bowl of chili: Brown 99% lean ground turkey. Add black beans and tomato paste. Add diced tomatoes, bell peppers, […]

Popcorn: A Healthy Great Tasting Snack views: 492

If you are searching for a healthy great tasting snack, give popcorn a try. The benefits of popcorn include: • Great taste. • High fiber to assist satiety. • Appease salt cravings. • Great snack to minimize hunger between meals. • Light bedtime snack that may assist sleep quality. Here is how you prepare a […]

Want to Tone Your Bottom Without Weights? Try Body Weight Squats views: 450

Want to tone your bottom ( glutes) and legs without using weights? Try body weight squats. No weights, equipment or gym required. Here are a few benefits of body weight squats: ▪ Tones glutes ▪ Builds leg muscles ▪ Burns calories- Muscle burns calories. Leg muscles are the largest of the body and have the […]

Is Your Kitchen In-Shape? views: 509

There is an old nutrition adage, “ if a food is in your possession or located in your residence, you will eventually eat it.” Many of us eat unhealthy foods because they are ever present in our kitchens. One way to reduce the risk of eating unhealthy foods is to whip your kitchen into shape […]

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