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SL Life Lessons: Faith Uninterrupted by Time

SL Life Lessons: Faith Uninterrupted by Time

Filed in Inspiration by on 01/24/2016 Comments • views: 98

  When a farmer plants seeds, the farmer’s act of planting is evidence of his or her faith that the seeds will produce a crop. The seeds planted don’t produce crop overnight. Some crop takes years to produce. In spite of the amount of time, the farmer will continue to nurture what he has planted […]


Sleep Preparation views: 84

Getting 7-8 hours of high quality sleep is an integral part of optimal health. A good night’s sleep provides the following health benefits: Appetite control Energy improvement Stress reduction Production of growth hormone for calorie-burning muscle Optimal performance during exercise Sleep preparation plays a critical role in getting good shut-eye. To determine your sleep preparation […]

Wild Sockeye Salmon views: 302

Looking for a great tasting, healthy meat? Try Wild Sockeye Salmon. Here are just a few of the health benefits: Great source of protein for satiety and muscle growth/repair Good source of heart healthy unsaturated (“good”) fats Solid source of Omega 3 Good source of Vitamin D How to prepare: Grill or bake a 4-7 […]

SL Life Lessons: “Pain is temporary, victory is forever.” views: 282

I recently participated in a 75-flight, 1,664-stair tower climb at the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles. As I reached the thirtieth floor, I could feel a burning sensation in my thighs. The burning sensation was partly caused by the first thirty flights of the stair climb and partly by a running event of which […]

The Sweet Smell of Sleep views: 351

Looking for ways to get high quality sleep? Try the calming aroma of lavender and/or camomile. Some research has shown that these scents (or a combination thereof) may help reduce stress, put your body in a restful state and promote high quality sleep. Seven to eight hours of high quality sleep play a critical role […]

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