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Popcorn: A Healthy Great Tasting Snack

Popcorn: A Healthy Great Tasting Snack

Filed in Food, General, Nutrition by on 01/11/2015 Comments • views: 258

If you are searching for a healthy great tasting snack, give popcorn a try. The benefits of popcorn include: • Great taste. • High fiber to assist satiety. • Appease salt cravings. • Great snack to minimize hunger between meals. • Light bedtime snack that may assist sleep quality. Here is how you prepare a […]


A Circuit Workout: 6 Reasons To Try It! views: 159

During a book signing, a woman asked “ Do you workout everyday?” “No.” I responded. “As a father of two young boys and grandfather of one girl, I don’t have the time to work out everyday. I only workout three times per week. I do circuits.” A circuit consists of two or more exercises done […]

Interval Training, The Ultimate Plateau Buster views: 201

Are you exercising but not losing weight or getting the tone muscles you desire? Does it seem like you can’t get the body you want despite how long you workout? You may have reached a fitness plateau. Your body has become accustomed to an exercise making the exercise ineffective. A solution to breaking through a […]

3 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate views: 226

Looking for a healthy snack between meals or a great tasting after dinner dessert? Try dark chocolate to awaken your taste buds. Dark chocolate has myriad health benefits. Here are just three: Great source of flavonoids, an antioxidant that assists in fighting free radicals. Dark chocolate “is far more filling than milk chocolate, lessening our […]

Burpee: The All-In-One Exercise views: 187

Looking for an all-in-one exercise? You may have done this exercise in high, middle, or even grammar school. It’s the Burpee. The Burpee provides outstanding fitness benefits including: Strengthens and tones upper body muscles Tones and builds lower body muscles Develops cardio Burns calories Here is how you do a Burpee: Stand with feet at […]

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