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The Sweet Smell of Sleep

Filed in Fitness by on 08/16/2015 Comments • views: 97

Looking for ways to get high quality sleep? Try the calming aroma of lavender and/or camomile. Some research has shown that these scents (or a combination thereof) may help reduce stress, put your body in a restful state and promote high quality sleep. Seven to eight hours of high quality sleep play a critical role […]


Hanging Leg Raises views: 181

Are you looking to unveil your six pack abs and strengthen your core? Try Hanging Leg Raises! Here are just a few of the benefits: ▪ Tones abs- especially the lower ab area. ▪ Builds core- the lower back and ab area. Building core will improve overall balance. ▪ Burns calories- Enough said! HOW TO […]

Life’s Lessons: Lessons From The Ant views: 167

The ant. Arguably the most harmless, unassuming, non- threatening bug many of us have encountered. Yet there are lessons we can learn from this tiny creature. Have you ever seen how an ant responds to an obstacle in its path? Despite the size of the obstacle, some of which are much larger than the ant, it will […]

Life’s Lessons: “Try Just One More Time.” views: 267

It was 1990. I’d spent the last two years working at KPMG after graduating from the University of Hartford with honors in accounting. One of my primary career objectives was to attain my CPA. The CPA exam was one of the most grueling exams on the planet. Two and a half days of testing ones […]

Ground Flaxseed, The Silent Healer views: 293

You can’t smell it. You can’t taste it. Depending on which foods you add it to, you can barely see it. Yet, your body reaps the healing and health benefits of it when consumed. It’s ground flaxseed. Benefits of ground flaxseed Here are just a few benefits of ground flaxseed: • Great source of fiber- […]

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